Reasons To See a Family Dentist

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Individuals that have signs of an oral health concern or those who want to address cosmetic issues may want to see a family dentist for a check-up and to learn more about treatment options. Additionally, if one's last check-up appointment was more than six months ago, it may be best to consider visiting a family dentist. This review offers insights into the specific reasons that patients should consider visiting a family dentist

Signs that indicate the need to visit a family dentist

Family dentists treat weakened enamel, dental cavities, tooth infections, gum disease, broken teeth and more. Patients should consider a visit with a family dentist when due for a routine check-up, have signs of a cavity or are at risk of a cavity, notice signs of gum disease or have damaged teeth. 

Every four to six months for a check-up

Most family dentists encourage their patients to visit the office two to three times a year for a check-up visit. This is to ensure that there are no underlying concerns that have gone unnoticed. Routine cleanings are often a part of check-up visits as well. This removes plaque and tartar that can build up over time, regardless of good oral care. Check-up visits help prevent more serious issues and ultimately can save patients money and prevent the need for an extensive procedure. 

If teeth enamel appears weakened or eroded

Teeth enamel breaks down when acidic properties (i.e. sugar and various other carbohydrates) and bacteria combine with bacteria in the mouth and create an acidic reaction. This results in cavities, which require dental fillings or root canal therapy. In the early stages of enamel erosion, the family dentist may recommend fluoride treatment to prevent decay, or they may recommend a filling or root canal therapy to restore cavities after they develop. 

When the gums are tender, bleeding or discolored

Gum disease is very common. In the early stages (gingivitis), the family dentist can take less invasive action to treat the gum disease. However, if a more severe type of gum disease develops (periodontitis), then the patient may need a deep dental cleaning. Regardless of the severity, any time signs of gum disease develop, it is encouraged to visit the family dentist. 

After teeth are damaged as a result of dental trauma

Teeth damaged from a blow to the face or teeth grinding at night (bruxism), require treatment to restore the appearance, functionality and oral health of the tooth. Family dentists offer a range of treatment options to deal with dental trauma, including dental crowns, veneers and teeth replacement solutions such as dental implants and fixed bridges. Dentists can also help patients prevent dental trauma through a custom-made mouthguard. 

Discuss treatment from a family dentist with our friendly team

When you are due for a dental check-up and cleaning, have symptoms of an oral health concern or want to address a cosmetic or orthodontic issue, it is best to visit a family dentist. Reach out to our friendly and professional family dentistry practice today to arrange a visit.

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