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It is important to take your child to the family dentist twice a year. But you might be wondering what types of procedures a family dentist offers. There are several procedures you can take advantage of. These include cleanings and space maintainers.

Dental cleaning

During a visit to the family dentist, the dentist will start by reviewing a child’s medical history with the parent. This can help the staff stay updated on factors that can impact the dental health of the child. The family dentist will then examine the child’s mouth to check the overall health. Then the cleaning part will begin.

The cleaning portion is designed to remove both plaque and tartar from the child’s teeth. These will cause gum disease or cavities if not removed. In this procedure, a family dentist may apply fluoride to the teeth, which will strengthen them. Children who have weaker teeth can benefit from these treatments.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit the dentist at least twice a year. This will allow the dentist to keep an eye on the child’s oral development. If a child has different oral needs, it is recommended to visit more frequently. This will allow a family dentist to better manage that child’s health needs.

Space maintainers

If a child loses a primary tooth too early, the permanent tooth may not have a space to grow in. The primary tooth may go missing because of injury or a necessary extraction. The teeth on either side of the gap can shift into the space. A family dentist can place a space maintainer in the area to prevent teeth from shifting to the space. Once the permanent tooth begins to erupt, the family dentist will remove the space maintainer.

Pulp therapy procedure

This treatment involves removing infected blood vessels and nerves from the teeth. If a child has an injury or extensive decay, then this procedure is necessary. A child can feel excessive pain if they do not get this procedure. A child may even lose their tooth without getting this procedure.

Some cavities are deep enough to extend to the nerve of the tooth. The infected nerve must then be removed. This procedure is done on baby teeth, so the teeth do not need to be removed. It is better to keep the baby teeth than use a spacer if possible.

During this procedure, a family dentist will only remove the infected part of the nerve. The family dentist will work to preserve as much as the nerve as possible. This can help a child maintain both their teeth and smile. This can help the child’s self-esteem as well.

Visit a family dentist today

Your child can benefit from many pediatric dental procedures at your family dentist’s office. These treatments can include dental cleanings and space maintainers. These treatments will help your child maintain good oral health. This can set the stage for oral health care during your child’s adult years.

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