Am I a Candidate for an Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea?

Do I Have Sleep Apnea Rockville, MD

Considering getting an oral appliance to address your sleep apnea diagnosis? Good idea. When you are diagnosed with this sleeping disorder, it can really get in the way of your ability to live a happy and healthy life. Ready to learn more about who is a good candidate for an oral appliance that can make breathing easier?

Am I a candidate for an oral appliance for sleep apnea?

Thinking about choosing an oral appliance to address your case of sleep apnea? Good idea. There are a variety of oral appliances for those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleeping disorder. In order to be considered a candidate for oral appliance therapy, you must be diagnosed with a case of mild sleep apnea or moderate sleep apnea. If you have been diagnosed with high moderate sleep apnea or severe sleep apnea, then you will need to look into other therapy options, e.g., CPAP machine.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sought after because of their relative ease of use and portability, oral appliances have proved efficacious in cases of mild to moderate OSA.

How oral appliance therapy works

Oral appliances are worn by those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea during the night when they are sleeping. These dental appliances work by keeping the airway open, allowing those who are suffering from sleep apnea to get more air while they are sleeping. While there are many different types of oral appliances for dental patients to choose from, they all work by keeping their lower jaw in a forward position and/or by keeping the tongue from blocking the airway.

Custom-made oral appliances

While it is possible for those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea to buy an over the counter option for helping them sleep better at night, these generic options are not going to work as well as custom made oral appliances. This is why it is essential for those who are interested in using oral appliances as their chosen treatment therapy to make an appointment with a dental professional in order to have a custom-made oral appliance made for them.

Choosing to have a custom-made oral appliance is a much better option, as this means the appliances fabricated to fit the patient's mouth. The fit is very important in order for the appliance to work properly. A custom-made appliance is also made using high-quality dental materials, which means the appliance will not only work better, it means it will also last longer. In fact, patients who choose a custom-made appliance can expect it to last an average of three years.

Have any questions for us?

Ready to get an oral appliance that helps you breathe easier so you can get a good night’s rest? Now that you understand who makes a good candidate for getting an oral appliance in order to treat their sleep apnea problem, are you considered to be a good candidate? If you are, all you need to do is call us now to make your first appointment. If you have any questions for us first, please do not hesitate to call.

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