When to Consider a Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Rockville, MD

A smile makeover can get you the smile that you have always wanted. The term refers to the combination of cosmetic treatments that are performed to enhance how a person’s teeth look. Each patient gets a unique treatment plan that addresses all the issues affecting their teeth.

Figuring out if you need a smile makeover

Getting a smile makeover has more benefits than simply enhancing how a person’s teeth and gums look. It typically also leads to increased self-confidence in the person once they have their ideal smile. Here are a few things that patients should consider if they are debating on getting a smile makeover.

1. Teeth and gum health

Before getting a smile makeover, dentists recommend getting a dental checkup so they can look for issues like gum disease and tooth decay. A visual inspection and tests like X-rays can be used to evaluate the patient’s teeth and gums.

Issues detected during the checkup should be treated before proceeding with the smile makeover. Failing to do so could lead to complications. For example, tooth decay can lead to pain and damage to teeth structures after teeth whitening treatments.

2. The alignment and shape of teeth

The alignment of a person’s teeth significantly impacts the results of their smile makeover. Issues like crooked and misaligned teeth require lengthy treatments that can last years. Dentists usually recommend getting such major dental issues out of the way before proceeding with other cosmetic dental treatments. Improving the alignment of a person’s teeth also leads to a better bite, which increases the longevity of any restorations.

3. Teeth color

The restorations used during cosmetic dental treatments, like crowns and veneers, cannot be whitened with teeth whitening treatments. As a result, the dentist needs to factor this in when crafting a treatment plan. Treatments like teeth whitening need to be performed before restorations are made so the cosmetic can be color-matched with the new color of the patient’s teeth.

Teeth whitening treatments can improve the color of a person’s teeth by up to eight shades, which is enough whitening for many patients. Others might need multiple treatments to reach their desired shade.

For many people, the ideal shade of white for their teeth is a few shades lighter than the whites of their eyes. Teeth whitening treatments can get teeth whiter than that, but the result might not look natural.

4. Gum health

Issues like gum disease eat away at teeth structures, leading to tooth pain, increased sensitivity, and loose teeth. Dentists usually recommend addressing gum disease before proceeding with a smile makeover, since it can lead to complications with treatments like teeth whitening.

Enhance your smile

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