Where Can I Get an Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea?

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For mild or moderate cases of sleep apnea and snoring, your doctor may recommend oral appliance therapy. This is a non-invasive, effective treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A custom-fit device can help improve your sleep and revitalize your health. Read on to find out where you can obtain an oral appliance.

How to obtain an oral appliance

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that should be treated as soon as possible. Some common signs and symptoms of this condition include loud snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue, insomnia, trouble concentrating and irritability. A person who has signs and symptoms of the condition should talk to a doctor. A doctor, who is qualified to treat OSA, can determine if a patient can benefit from oral appliance therapy.

Getting an oral appliance

A health care provider can refer a patient to a qualified doctor to figure out how bad the condition is. Many times, this evaluation requires an overnight sleep study. A person may also be required to meet with the doctor to talk about the results and possible treatment options. If a patient decides to use a dental device, the doctor will write a prescription for the patient to obtain a custom-made oral appliance. The patient will also be referred to a dentist who is highly trained to treat OSA.

Custom-made device

Oral appliances should fit each patient. The dentist will make an impression of a patient’s teeth and send it to the lab, where the device will be made. The patient will then be called for a fitting. The device will have to be adjusted so that it can move the jaw forward. This will be done carefully to ensure the oral appliance is effective and still comfortable.

The dental device will have to be adjusted for some time under the supervision of the dentist. After the oral device is fitted, a patient will still have to see a dentist or doctor frequently. There are some kinds of oral devices that people can buy over-the-counter. Although these devices are cheaper, they often do not work. The devices also take up lots of space in the mouth, pushing the tongue toward a person’s throat, which makes the condition worse.

Getting a device that fits properly is important. This increases the chances of the device helping with a patient’s sleep problems. Sometimes, the symptoms of sleep apnea can return. In such cases, it is important for a person to seek medical care. A dentist may be required to adjust an appliance to ensure it works properly. If the device is not helpful, a doctor may recommend other treatment options.


Choosing oral appliance therapy for the treatment of mild to moderate OSA is often recommended. Dental devices have to be prescribed by a doctor. It will then be made and fitted by a dentist. It is not advisable to obtain oral appliances that are sold without a prescription. If you have sleep apnea, contact your doctor as soon as you can so that treatment can start early. Using oral appliances can help to improve the symptoms of sleep apnea and prevent other problems from developing.

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