Knocked Out Tooth — Is It Dental Emergency?

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You may wonder what constitutes a dental emergency. Not every oral health issue requires urgent attention, as some matters can wait weeks or even months for a dentist to examine. However, for the most pressing conditions, you do not want to put off a visit to the dentist’s office. One of the most serious issues is when a tooth falls out. Regardless of how this happens, you can get relief and the right treatment from the dentist.

Differences between a dental emergency and a non-emergency

People of all ages should place emphasis on their dental care. When there is pain, discomfort, irritation, or cosmetic concerns, the patient should visit the dentist. Some problems should not wait, while others do not raise much immediate worry. An emergency occurs when there is severe pain or other conditions that could lead to more widespread problems. In an emergency, the patient should be able to make a same-day appointment with the emergency dentist. In non-emergencies, the dental matter might be inconvenient but is not compromising the person’s immediate health.

How teeth fall out

While losing baby teeth is a celebrated occasion for children, when a teen or adult is losing a permanent tooth, it is a dental emergency. A hard blow to the face from a fall or from an injury in sports can knock out a tooth. The same thing can happen when biting into a hard object. For some patients, the tooth has been loose for some time due to decay or gum disease. It can eventually fall out if not treated.

The implications of a knocked-out tooth

Losing a permanent tooth has several consequences. This dental emergency can cause intense pain for the individual. It also exposes the area to infection, which can eventually spread throughout the mouth and body. A missing tooth can cause adjacent teeth to drift, become loose, and fall out. Lost teeth can make it difficult to chew and speak properly. And, of course, there are cosmetic implications, as it can be embarrassing to have gaps in the mouth.

What to do after losing a permanent tooth

If possible, the person should find the tooth and keep it in a bag or container with ice. Rinsing with warm water can soothe any pain the person is feeling. Placing an ice pack on the area can also reduce pain and swelling. The individual should then call an emergency dentist and get to the office as soon as possible.

What the dentist can do

In this dental emergency, the dentist might be able to reinsert the tooth. If this is not possible, the dentist will clean out the socket and discuss replacement options. A bridge is a common treatment for a missing tooth. An implant is also a popular solution.

Getting help for your lost tooth

Beyond the aesthetics of a toothless smile, there are problems you will face with this dental emergency. Find pain relief and avoid infections by getting to the dentist’s office. Here, the dentist will treat you appropriately and thoroughly. Never delay getting help in these emergencies.

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