Can a General Dentist Straighten Teeth?

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Some people may be surprised to learn that general dentists can administer teeth straightening treatment to patients of all ages. Although options such as braces and aligners are commonly administered by orthodontists, many general dentists also offer the same treatments!

When considering teeth straightening treatment, it is a good idea to visit a general dentist to get the process started. Patients can decide who they want to visit for their treatment, but it may be more convenient or efficient to see their regular general dentist. Keep reading to find out more!

Can a general dentist straighten teeth?

Learn more about what a general dentist can do for patients looking to straighten their teeth. This information can be especially helpful when considering teeth straightening treatment.

Traditional braces

One of the most common ways to straighten teeth is through traditional braces. General dentists can administer traditional braces for teeth straightening purposes. They are one of the oldest treatment methods, and they provide consistent and efficient results.

Traditional braces consist of metal wires and brackets. There is a single bracket cemented onto each tooth, and the metal wires run through each bracket. Over time, the brackets help shift each tooth individually. Every few weeks, the general dentist will go in and adjust the wiring as the teeth shift.

General dentists typically recommend braces for patients who have severely crooked teeth, as well as over- or under-bites. 


As modern dentistry has evolved, there are now more technologies than ever to straighten teeth. Aligners are one of the most popular ways because they are clear in color, making for a discreet method of treatment.

Different dental companies create clear aligners and there are many different brands. However, they all work relatively the same. Aligners are one full piece for either the top half or bottom half of the teeth. They are typically made of a plastic material that is both removable and comfortable.

Aligners are different than traditional braces in the sense that they shift the teeth differently. Because an aligner is one piece, it is able to move the teeth all together, as opposed to individually, like traditional braces.

General dentists tend to recommend aligners to patients who have minor imperfections, as opposed to severe ones such as extremely crooked teeth or an uneven bite.

Straightening teeth from a general dentist

Being aware of how a general dentist can administer teeth straightening treatment can be helpful to someone considering their options. It is beneficial to visit a general dentist’s office for the treatment because they can also perform routine dental care throughout the process, all at the same location.

Consulting with a general dentist about teeth straightening services is a great place to start. If you have any questions or concerns, they can be addressed right away to ensure that patients are well informed. Give us a call or stop by today. We are here to help!

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