How Do Dental Implants Help the Jawbone?

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Dental implants have been the most trusted method of tooth replacement in modern dentistry for decades. These tried-and-true dental prostheses look and feel like a natural tooth and improve the appearance of the smile. Implants also serve another important purpose: keeping the jawbone intact.

When a tooth is lost, the mouth begins to go through negative changes. The surrounding teeth begin to migrate toward the space left by the lost tooth, and the opposing tooth eventually begins to loosen. One of the more unsettling and damaging factors to losing a tooth is the fact that the jawbone begins to deteriorate. As there are no longer roots in the jaw to keep it active, it shrinks over time. The longer you wait to replace a tooth, the more jawbone volume is lost.

One big benefit of dental implants over other teeth replacement methods is the fact that implants are the only permanent artificial teeth that actually utilize the jawbone. They are also the only prosthetics that stay in place firmly due to their support coming directly from the jawbone. Partial dentures and fixed bridges can slip around, causing popping noises and discomfort to the wearer. Dental implants so effectively replace your natural teeth that you may even forget you ever lost a tooth in the first place.

How do implants work?

Whether your tooth has fallen out due to injury or advanced periodontitis (gum disease) tooth decay or needs to be extracted due to repeated dental procedures, a dental implant can replace it.

Note that there must be enough bone left to place the implant. Bone grafting is an option if a patient does not have enough bone left for successful implant placement. A thorough examination will be completed to determine if the patient is a good candidate for dental implants. Generally, if the patient has a) enough jawbone density, b) good oral health and c) good overall health, they are a good candidate and the surgery can move forward.

During dental implant surgery, a titanium, screw-like rod is inserted directly into the jawbone. This will act as the new tooth root. In a period of about six months (this period of healing might be longer or shorter, depending on each specific case), the bone fuses with the titanium screw, making it a permanent fixture of the mouth. The jawbone accepts the implant as a new tooth root and binds to it, preventing future jawbone loss.

What does jawbone loss mean?

As the jawbone begins to disintegrate due to disuse, it starts to shrink down. This can cause all sorts of problems, from heightened abscess formation to a shrunken facial shape. Dental implants help correct and prevent these issues to keep your face and smile youthful.

Dental implants help restore your smile while protecting your jawbone and oral health. No other tooth replacement method is as effective nor as lifelike as dental implants.

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