How a Holistic Dentist Can Improve Your Overall Health

Holistic Dentist Rockville, MD

A holistic dentist can provide you with an alternative to traditional dental care. This professional is a complementary way of providing oral care. The holistic approach has been gaining popularity in recent years. If you are wondering how a holistic dentist can help enhance your health, here are the details.

Uses non-toxic and biocompatible materials

Many patients turn to holistic means for healthier dental solutions. Traditional dentistry is open to using toxic substances like amalgam. This has metals, including mercury. Even if the mercury content is acceptable, it is still harmful. A holistic dentist will always choose biocompatible and non-toxic materials. This ensures the absence of dangerous consequences on the patient’s body.

Mercury is toxic. Some practices still use this metal in making dental restorations. That is why many dental patients seek the services of a holistic dentist. Dental restorations are effective even if the materials do not contain amalgam.

Biocompatible materials support the health of patients. The use of non-toxic resin, sterile tools, and composite fillings is more acceptable. Mercury-free and non-metal restorations are better for patients with metal allergies. The body accepts these materials even if these restorations stay in the mouth for a long time.

Gives advanced and less invasive procedures

Seeing a holistic dentist does not mean giving up advanced treatments. The holistic approach concentrates on contemporary, less invasive treatments. This field of dentistry views a patient as a whole. Oral health is part of whole-body health. Merging these two separate aspects gives better results.

Using technology in creating dental restorations makes treatments faster. It fuels less invasive treatments to keep natural teeth intact longer. The 3D dental X-rays and same-day crowns are two of the standard services from a holistic dentist. These procedures help provide patients accurate diagnoses and restorations.

Provides a balance of functional and cosmetic enhancements

Misaligned, missing, or damaged teeth can deteriorate a person’s self-image. They can also bring down one’s quality of life. Good dental restorations can improve a person’s outlook. But a good-looking set of teeth do not last long if it does not function well. Form and function always go together under the care of a holistic dentist.

Dental staining is also an issue. This dentist can perform teeth whitening and give the patient pointers on what foods and drinks to avoid. That way, the patient can avoid re-staining the teeth. Teeth whitening with a holistic approach lasts longer.

Focuses on the root cause of the problem

Meeting the patient’s specific needs is always the priority in holistic dental care. This can only happen with regular checkups. This gives the dentist a complete picture of the patient’s health. A continuous exchange between patient and dentist produces accurate treatments. This gives faster results.

A holistic dentist can improve a patient’s health by targeting the root cause of the dental issue

Choosing to be under the care of a holistic dentist is a healthier way to deal with dental problems. The close coordination between dentist and patient produces a more custom-fit treatment plan. Each treatment provides solutions according to your lifestyle, health goals, and needs. An appointment with your dentist can start your journey toward better health.

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