What Is the Difference Between an Integrative Dentist and a Regular Dentist?

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You may have heard of an integrative dentist, but you wonder what they do exactly to help patients. Do you know how an integrative dentist differs from a regular dentist? You may have heard many other terms for integrative dentistry. You might be unsure whether your dentist is an integrative dentist or a regular dentist. Keep reading to find out more about some key differences between an integrative dentist and a regular dentist.

The mouth-body connection

Integrative dentists believe oral health and overall health share a deep connection. Not only does an oral health issue affect the body, but poor body health can, in turn, affect the patient’s oral health. All the body’s systems work together. An integrative dentist treats oral health within the context of the body’s health. For instance, proper nutrition can support good health in the body and the mouth.

A departure from traditional dentistry

Some patients wonder if integrative dentists are different than traditional dentists. In the past, many dentists focused on oral health only. Many things appear to divide oral health from body health. Insurance companies offer different policies for health and dental. Dental training in the past taught dentists to look only at oral health. Integrative dentists are looking at the bigger picture.

More listening and more talking

Integrative dentists want to know the patient’s total medical history. Dentists do ask patients to disclose illnesses like diabetes or heart disease. However, integrative dentists want to know how patients are managing these illnesses. The dentist will discuss lifestyles and habits that contribute to health and well-being.

Treating the cause or the symptom

Integrative dentists seek to move toward preventive treatment. The dentist’s goal is to support the patient’s healthy habits. The integrative dentist can help the patient to practice good oral health. By doing this, the dentist and patient can prevent more serious problems later on. Many patients do not think to discuss nutrition with the dentist. An integrative dentist wants to know if the patient eats and drinks healthy foods.

Less invasive dentistry

Many patients are familiar with traditional mercury fillings. An integrative dentist may prefer to use materials that do not contain mercury. An integrative dentist can remove existing mercury fillings as well. The dentist could then replace them with ceramic or porcelain fillings and crowns. Integrative dentists may also opt for less invasive low-dose X-rays for patients.

Are you looking for an integrative dentist near you?

Many regular dentists are embracing integrative dentistry. More and more people are recognizing that body systems work together. Dentists are a key part of maintaining your health, and they can be important partners. Your dentist may want to know about any illnesses or symptoms you have. Your symptoms could affect your oral health even if you do not think the symptoms have anything to do with it. Talk to prospective dentists about their preferred methods and treatments.

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