How an Emergency Dentist Can Help You

Emergency Dentist Rockville, MD

Emergencies happen without warning, so having an emergency dentist on hand eliminates the chaos that comes with trying to solve a dental emergency. A broken or cracked tooth causes intense pain and typically needs to be dealt with swiftly to prevent more problems. Other dental emergencies such as a crown falling out or a dead tooth causing severe nerve pain are reasons an individual needs to see a dentist immediately.

Nobody wants to be in pain while waiting on hold to make an appointment. Knowing where to go for emergency dental care — ahead of an emergency — is a good idea.

What can an emergency dentist do?

All emergency dentists offer different services, so it is critical to look at what they offer on their official website. In general, most emergency dentists offer basic dental procedures like tooth extractions, filling replacements, treatment for a cracked tooth, and treatment for abscesses. Other services such as repairing braces, retainers, or dentures can be performed in an emergency situation, but these services are not provided at all emergency dentist offices. It is better to have a dentist for emergencies on file than searching for a dentist that can provide the treatment while suffering from tooth pain.

Tooth pain can lead to infection

Having a cracked, dead, or missing tooth can lead to other complications and damage. If the problem becomes extreme, it can cause dangerous infections that surpass just tooth pain. When an oral infection is not treated right away, it might lead to abscesses which are incredibly painful and cause excessive swelling of the mouth. Someone with a weak immune system could become much more ill due to the infection if it spreads. Going to an emergency dentist will cut the problem off at the source eliminating the risk and pain that accompany oral infections.

Skip the wait

A cracked tooth affects daily tasks such as talking and eating. When a tooth is cracked, it becomes a vacuum for food particles which can cause sharp pains or lead to infection. Having a dentist specifically for emergencies means no waiting period until availability opens up for an appointment. Skipping the wait means quicker pain relief and avoiding any other complications that can arise from a cracked or a missing tooth. A dead tooth causes a lot of pain as well and should be extracted immediately.

Know where to go for emergency dental care

Dental emergencies are unpleasant, but they do happen. Making an appointment with a regular dentist does not guarantee you will be seen immediately or even that week. Find an emergency dentist's office near you instead of going through the hassle and waiting in pain.

Check to see what services they offer to ensure they can cover every emergency that may come up for you or your family members. Why suffer when you have options? Call or visit our Rockville clinic for emergency dental care.

Request an appointment here: or call White Flint Family Dental at (301) 273-1085 for an appointment in our Rockville office.

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