Benefits of Mercury Free Dentistry

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Mercury free dentistry does not involve using amalgam fillings. This practice involves using metal-free dental restorations. It prevents the occurrence of harmful side effects from using amalgam fillings. If you want to know more about the benefits of using mercury free dentistry, here are the details.

Avoids the health problems in using mercury

Studies show that mercury is a toxic substance to humans. Amalgam fillings contain large amounts of mercury. They release toxic vapors once the dentist places them in the mouth. This toxic effect keeps happening until the dentist removes the fillings.

Most healthcare providers tell pregnant women to keep away from seafood and fish. These food items often contain high amounts of mercury. Trace amounts of this toxic substance can enter the bloodstream. Mercury could then cause various health problems. Choosing mercury free dentistry is a healthy means to restore teeth. The materials in this practice do not contain mercury.

Durable and pocket-friendly

Getting mercury free dentistry treatments involves using durable materials. It is much like having amalgam fillings without the presence of mercury and other metals. These restorations can last long with proper care and maintenance. Seeing the doctor for professional cleanings can make them last even longer.

Provides a natural look

Amalgam fillings have metal components. That is why they are silver in color. Mercury free dentistry involves the use of non-metal restorations. These fillings are tooth-colored.

Each one is capable of blending well with the intact natural teeth. One can never tell a person has these fillings. These restorations are not visible even if the person laughs, speaks, or smiles. The dentist and the patient will be the only ones who know about it.

Supports good health

Mercury can contaminate the blood. The continuous entrance of mercury into the blood allows it to circulate throughout the body. Mercury free dentistry treatments are better for a person’s general health. Resorting to non-mercury fillings can correct cavities without having a toxic substance in the mouth.

Common mercury free dental restorations

A dental lab can fabricate dental crowns from mercury free materials. Composite resin and porcelain are common materials for dental crowns. The dentist will place a dental crown over a treated tooth. This will provide support and protection. Traditional dental crowns can be ready in two to three weeks. Some dental labs can produce crowns in one dental visit with the help of 3D printing technology.

Composite resin fillings are inexpensive and common. These can treat stains, misshapen teeth, and severe stains. The material is resin resembling putty. It can restore the tooth’s function and appearance.

The dentist will clean the tooth first and then dry it. Roughening the tooth surface with an etching solution or gel is the next step. Then, the bonding material will go on the tooth. A curing light will harden the bonding material. Shaping and polishing the tooth will follow.

Mercury free dentistry can correct dental issues without using toxic materials

Traditional fillings contain mercury. This is not an ideal material to use in dental restorations because of its toxicity. Changing your amalgam fillings to non-metal ones can improve your dental and general health. Seeing your dentist about mercury free dentistry can determine which treatment fits your needs most.

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