How to Correctly Clean Invisalign Aligners

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It should not surprise you why Invisalign® is such a popular teeth-straightening method. If you have crooked teeth or a bite dysfunction, these aligners can restore your beautiful smile and help you to once again feel good about your appearance. The aligners will work well, but there are steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of them. Daily maintenance and care are vital.

How Invisalign works

Like traditional metal braces, these aligners put pressure on teeth and move them into the proper places. This is a gradual process that can take up to 18 months. Patients will wear clear, plastic trays over their teeth and will get a new set at each appointment. This will occur every week or two, depending on the patient’s needs and progress. The aligners are removable and do not irritate the gums and cheeks as braces can.

Rinse them frequently

The fact that Invisalign trays are removable is a big reason why people prefer this method. People who wear aligners should take them out a few times throughout the day. When doing so, it is important to rinse them off with warm water. This will help clear them of food particles and other debris. Doing this will keep the trays look nice and functioning well. It will also reduce the risk of oral health problems such as tooth decay.

Keep the aligners out at mealtime

Patients should never eat with aligners in the mouth. Failing to remove them at these times could result in food getting trapped in the trays. This can stain and discolor the aligners and cause serious damage. People who wear Invisalign trays should also take them out when drinking. The only exception would be when drinking water.

Soak them daily

At least once a day, take a few minutes and put the Invisalign aligners in a solution. People can use a denture cleaner or cleaning crystals. The dentist can recommend the right product. After soaking the trays, the patient should brush or rinse off any residue. Some people prefer to do this in the morning, while other patients do it before retiring for the night.

Brush the aligners regularly

Patients should continue to keep up on good oral hygiene every day. People with Invisalign trays should brush and floss before returning the appliance to their mouth. Brushing teeth is not enough, however. People with the aligners must brush the trays each day. This keeps them looking nice and smelling pleasant. Use a soft-bristled brush and fluoride-based toothpaste.

Good care will lead to good results

You have invested a lot in your Invisalign treatment. You do not want to squander these efforts by putting off good maintenance. If you follow these guidelines, you can expect the aligners to do their job effectively. The results can be the attractive smile you have been hoping for. Talk to your dentist today if you have questions about how to care for your trays. Follow this advice so you can have a successful treatment.

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