How Long Will Invisalign Aligners Take to Produce Results?

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The time it takes to receive noticeable results from Invisalign® aligners varies depending on the severity of the misalignment that is being corrected and how well the patient follows the treatment plan. This review discusses how to ensure your Invisalign treatment goes smoothly and does not take longer than necessary. 

The Invisalign aligners process and what to expect after

Every patient has a unique experience with Invisalign treatment. While some patients may see noticeable results relatively soon after beginning treatment, others may require more patience with the process. However, understanding the average time it takes to see results and what to expect throughout the process can help you create realistic expectations before beginning treatment. 

The Invisalign treatment process explained

Invisalign is a form of clear aligners orthodontic treatment that involves wearing transparent trays that are made of a strong plastic material. The first step in the process is a consultation to decide on the treatment plan. The Invisalign professional can take a dental impression, which is used to customize the first veneers. The aligners are to be worn 20 to 22 hours each day, and the patient receives new aligners every few weeks until they achieve the desired results. 

The average time it takes to see results

Patients may begin to notice results from Invisalign treatment after the first few sets of aligners are worn. It is important to remain consistent wearing them. On average, it can take anywhere from six months to up to two years to see the desired results from Invisalign treatment. The majority of patients see the results they desire within a year and a half. 

What makes Invisalign treatment take longer

The reason for the wide range of treatment times with Invisalign treatment is due to the varying levels of misalignment and how well the patient follows the treatment plan. Missing follow-up visits to have the aligners replaced and not wearing the aligners for a minimum of 20 hours each day can lead to longer treatment times.

How to ensure a speedy treatment process

On the other hand, patients can speed up the treatment process by wearing the Invisalign aligners consistently, making all scheduled follow-up visits, and caring for their oral health. This can reduce the treatment time by months. 

What to expect after Invisalign aligners

After Invisalign treatment, patients are required to wear a retainer to keep their teeth from shifting back to their original position. Once the bone is able to fully support teeth in their new position without the teeth shifting, then the need for the retainer reduces and the patient can slowly begin to decrease how much they wear the retainer. 

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