Getting Tooth Whitening at a Dental Practice

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A dental practice offers teeth whitening services. Getting the teeth whitened can make the smile brighter and happier. That way, patients can have more self-esteem while smiling. Teeth whitening can help patients feel better about themselves, as well. Keep reading to learn more.

How it works

First, the patient will have a consultation appointment at the dental practice. Not everyone is the right candidate for the procedure, so talking to the dentist is critical. If there are crowns or large fillings, whitening might not work that well. These chemicals can bleach the natural teeth, but they may not work on the restorations. That results in uneven-looking teeth.

The process might work better for yellow discolorations. It may not be as good of an option for gray or brown discolorations. That is, even more, the case when the discoloration happens because of medications. Trauma discolorations also cannot be addressed with whitening.

How a dental practice whitens the teeth

Next, the dentist is ready to whiten the patient’s teeth. The patient will sit in the chair and get comfortable. The dentist will place a tool in the patient’s mouth to hold the lips back. That allows the dentist to access the teeth more easily. The dentist uses a gel to protect the gums near the teeth.

The dentist might apply a substance to the teeth to make them less sensitive to the whitening substances. Next, the dentist can apply the whitening substance, which contains hydrogen peroxide. That penetrates the tooth’s outer layers, breaking up stains. The dentist could use light to speed up the process, as well.

Many times, patients will have the gel applied more than once during the session. The dentist can then rinse the gel off and add a fresh coating. That might be repeated multiple times in a few minutes. Once that is done, the dentist can make the teeth four to six shades lighter in one session. There could be some sensitivity in the area for a while. Still, it will usually go away shortly after the procedure.

How long do the results last?

The results can last for several years, depending on the patient’s habits. Eating highly pigmented foods or smoking can cause the teeth to be yellow again. The dentist may give the patient a home whitening kit to maintain the results. The patient might have customized trays that fit the teeth, as well as whitening gel tubes. The patient will place the gel in the trays and wear the trays for a bit each day or during the night.

Visit a dental practice for teeth whitening today

Many times, you will get what you pay for when it comes to teeth whitening. That means you should choose the right dental practice. Doing it at home might seem like an inexpensive solution, but that does not mean it will last. Plus, many times, the kits can damage the teeth. The dental practice can help patients learn about the teeth-whitening options available.

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