Getting a CEREC Crown Reduces the Amount of Time and Number of Visits

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Patients may need a dental crown for many reasons. These include a broken tooth, a badly decayed tooth, or aesthetic concerns. CEREC® crowns are created using CAD/CAM technology. Unlike traditional crowns which are made in a dental laboratory, this type is created directly in the dental office. A dentist uses a scanner to capture a rendering of the patient's tooth. After the dentist designs the crown, the scan is sent to a milling machine. This allows the patient to get a permanent crown in only one visit. 

3 benefits of CEREC® crowns

CEREC® crowns are gaining popularity due to convenience and quality. 

1. Personalized product

Because the dentist is in charge of designing the crown, the patient gets a more personalized product. The designing process is done chairside, so the dentist can ask patients for input, including what shade the finished restoration should be. 
Before the crown is milled, the dentist can show the patient a digital rendering of the restoration. This gives the patient more control over the process, which can help ease anxiety. This is especially important if the crown is for a front tooth. Once the crown is made, the dentist can make necessary adjustments for the patient's comfort. 

2. Fewer visits

A traditional crown procedure requires at least two visits. During the first visit, the dentist prepares the tooth to be crowned. Then, an impression is taken and shipped to a dental laboratory. A technician at the lab creates the crown and sends it back to the dental office. At the second appointment, the dentist cements the permanent crown into place.
With CEREC® technology, the dental laboratory is not part of the equation. The dentist uses computer-aided design and machining to fabricate the crown in office. The final restoration can be cemented the same day that it is designed and milled, so the patient only has to come for one visit.

3. Natural-looking restoration

Historically, dental crowns have been made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, gold, and porcelain. Some of the most popular restorations were porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Over time, though, the metal beneath the porcelain begins to show, and the teeth may look dark. Metal-free crowns have become the standard for aesthetic restorations.
CEREC® crowns contain no metal. They are typically made of strong ceramic, which lends a natural-looking appearance. Therefore, dentists often use this type of crown when restoring front teeth. There are many shades to choose from so that the crown matches the patient's teeth.


Crowns are some of the most popular restorations in dentistry. The methods for making them continue to evolve to give patients a reliable product. Dental restorations should be functional and aesthetically pleasing, and CEREC® crowns are both. Patients who need a crown should talk to a dentist about this technology. Due to fewer appointments and more control over the final result, many patients are turning to it for their dental crown needs.

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