Disciplined People Will Benefit from Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Disciplined People Will Benefit from Invisalign Teeth Straightening from White Flint Family Dental in Rockville, MDInvisalign® aligners work most effectively when you are consistent with using them. While that sounds simple, there are a lot of ways you might struggle with developing a routine. One of the reasons people like Invisalign aligners so much is because the trays are removable and customizable. But these things can also work against you during your treatment.

The pros and cons of flexibility

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign teeth straighteners are removable. Patients should remove them to eat, drink certain liquids, and for brushing the teeth. But as with any method of teeth straightening, every minute does count. That is why dentists recommend patients wear the Invisalign trays up to 22 hours a day. This means that patients have around two hours each day for eating and cleaning their teeth. If patients leave the aligners out longer than two hours total, it will have an impact on the length of time the treatment takes.

Changing Invisalign trays

Patients need to wear their Invisalign aligners most of the day for the desired results, but that is only part of the picture. The dentist will recommend a schedule of between one and two weeks for moving from one set of trays to another. This progression is how patients can achieve the desired outcome. If patients do not move to the next set of trays on time, it can delay the treatment. Patients who miss changes several times may end up needing additional sets of trays. Results will take longer than initially projected.

Patients who take an active role in the care plan will see better results with Invisalign. Dentists recommend several techniques to help patients stay on top of the treatment plan. Patients can write in a calendar or set an alarm to remind them when it is time to change from one tray to another. Changing at the same time in the evening every one to two weeks can also help develop consistency.

Dentists design each set of trays to move the teeth an incremental amount. But patients will not be able to successfully change trays if they are not wearing the trays the prescribed amount of time each day. Dentists encourage patients to wear the trays for up to 22 hours each day. Patients may need to plan meals to be more efficient with the time while not wearing the Invisalign aligners. If people are not used to planning eating times, it can be a struggle to ensure the aligners are not out for too long. Setting alarms and keeping an Invisalign case handy are great ways to make sure to replace the trays.

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Take action with Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are convenient to use. With a little care and planning, you can easily manage the replacement and transition of your Invisalign trays. Because the trays are clear and fit closely, people may not notice if you are wearing them. This reduces some insecurities you may have. Your dentist can help you to develop a consistent routine that will allow you to get to your Invisalign goal.

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